As I start writing this article, the first thing that crosses my mind is…oh no!!! not another article on travel, about visit to some new destination or maybe just about an old destination viewed from a fresh perspective. Agreed that the vacations are approaching and many of us are really looking forward to a breakaway from the shackles of daily humdrum, some of us wanting to have a “me” time in some peaceful, soothing environs and well some of us being virtually hijacked to a particular destination by our kids(phew!!)

But is that what I was looking out for on a vacation/getaway. Why could I not embark on a journey to make new friends, to feel a place, live and breathe it. That’s it. No emotional baggage, just the sense of fulfilment, of calmness and peace with myself.

But then the reality transcends. The pre-planning, short listing the destinations, surfing the internet and gathering all the possible information and at the end flummoxed with the heap of information.

Trying to appease everyone and frantically pinning down on a destination. Talk about the peaceful, “me” time. Ha!

But ultimately the effort pays off and we zero-in on a destination. Pretty offbeat, pretty unusual and

a perfect getaway. An amalgam of natural scenery, brilliant culture and long history, one of the three largest sub-divisions of China, this place makes you hold your breath. This inspiring journey turned out to be more than a travel, it became my travelogue.

Keep guessing the place till we meet next time  (Hint: It shares international borders with Mongolia and Russia)

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